February 25, 2024

Will Work For Shoes

Will Work For Shoes by Susan J. Ashbrook

Will Work For Shoes by Susan J. Ashbrook

Through a combination of star-studded stories and practical tips, Susan Ashbrook shows you how placing product with celebrities—on the red carpet, on screens, or on the web—is a glamorous fast-track to brand recognition and sales

Will Work for Shoes offers a wealth of helpful strategies that companies can use to capitalize on the consumer influence of celebrities. Though focused on fashion, her advice is applicable to almost any type of product, and she makes a brilliant case for why placing product with celebrities can increase sales more successfully and economically than traditional advertising.

Through her own anecdotes and interviews with the top names in celebrity marketing, Ashbrook explains how to build key relationships, get product to stars and stylists, and—importantly—prepare for the publicity they’ll bring. A-list celebrities, designers, and stylists (from Angelina Jolie to Kenneth Cole to Phillip Bloch) appear on almost every page, accompanied by illustrative photos, including a full-color photo insert.

And as a pioneer in the field of celebrity marketing, Ashbrook is the perfect person to deliver this message. Her extensive experience and deep knowledge of product placement enable her to give insightful and field-tested advice to readers as she explains the exciting, competitive world of red carpet marketing.