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Celebrity Stylists Beware

While Costume Designers for TV and Film have a Guild to set guidelines and establish rules, wardrobe stylists do not.   I’ve had the honor and horror of working with hundreds of stylists.   Most are really good at their jobs.  FIDM in Los Angeles now has a program to teach the “how” and “why” of borrowing […]

Why Celebrity Product Placement

Have you ever purchased something based on what you saw a VIP wear?  The hat industry was saved by celebrities wearing hats!   People believe that purchasing a product that’s worn by a celebrity they like, will allow them to emulate the celebrity.  They associate with a celebrities’ “cool” factor, success, beauty and athletic skill.

Sneaker Product Placement to NBA Stars

Want to know the coolest sneakers? NBA stars show off the hottest trend.  Are you in the sneaker business?   Hit up basketball stars to showcase your merchandise. https://www.gq.com/story/nba-style-players-carrying-sneakers

Finding the Right “Fit” For Celebrity Product Placement

I frequently write about celebrity product placement and the importance of putting a “target list” together.  It shouldn’t just include top celebrities.  A place to start your first venture at product placement might have VIP’s from your town, after all, your local media might find the football team, the head coach, the Mayor or the […]