February 25, 2024

Archives for March 2020

Scarf Season

Coronavirus Warrior Dr. Deborah Birx wearing colorful scarfs she has collected in her international travel represents, “the global community response that’s needed now” I’m going to pull some of mine out to show my support. #ChicScarfs, #HermesScarfs, #FightCoronavirus

Celebrities Fight Off Coronavirus

Watch for it…..celebrities wearing “day length” gloves for Coronavirus protection.

Seeing Red

Looking for next winter’s trend? Fashion week boasted red coats on the runway. A few VIP’s got the memo…..

A New Celeb Trend Emerging?

Are we seeing a new celebrity trend emerging? Three of the hottest male celeb singers have been spotted wearing a string of pearls. I’m loving the look, how about you?