February 25, 2024

Archives for February 2018

Are Celebrity Gifting Suites Right for Your Brand?

Are gifting suites right for your brand? I write about my experience in Will Work For Shoes. Be prepared to give away product to not only celebrities but other Hollywood “folks”. Sometimes a bit like a rug bazaar, they can be beneficial if having a celebrity photographed with your product can help move the needle […]

Behind the Scenes Academy Award Fashion Stories

How did this dress land on Oscar winner Halle Berry at the Academy Awards?  Thank you super stylist Phillip Bloch for sharing a great story for my book Will Work For Shoes!

Celebrity Photos That Can Last Forever

Favorite Academy Award story? Soooo many but this one is still the best. Stylist Jessica Paster with a vision for her client, Designer Brian Rennie working 24/7 and sending his couture seamstress Gabby to LA to finish the job. Sill sewing as Kim walked to her limo but the best part….memories and photos that last […]