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Archives for August 2011

Food Website Takes A Bite Into Celebrity Marketing

 Celebrity marketing abounds, even when it comes to promoting a food website.  Founders of Thefood-life.com looked to Nicole Richie to open up about her travel-friendly food regimen in a post that ran in August. “Nicole Richie is very health-conscious…She always carries this special type of seaweed that gives her energy,” said Michael King in WWD.  […]

Will Work For Shoes Featured in C Magazine

Thinking Bigger Radio Interviews Celebrity Marketing Expert

Thank you Kelly Scanlon at Thinking Bigger radio for our early am interview.  We hope business owners and entrepreneur’s in the Midwest will consider celebrity marketing and garnered a few tips to get started!  http://www.ithinkbigger.com/archives/1542-ashbrook-susan-author-of-will-work-for-shoes

Celebrity Product Placement Scene Over and Over

 Thanks to “stylist to the stars“, Phillip Bloch, for taking a chance and styling Ms Hines in Georges Chakra for the Emmy Awards in 2006.  Georges was a new client, still unknown in the US, when Phillip hand picked this gown for Cheryl.  What does Phillip have to say about trying an unknown designer?  “I […]

Celebrity Marketing Lesson 101

 A lesson in Celebrity Marketing 101….Securing National press is not easy to do.   I think Abercrombie & Fitch’s release to the press, with an offer for the “Jersey Shore” folks not to wear AF was brilliant.  It goes back to the old PR statement “all publicity is good publicity”.  Just the mere mention of the […]