February 25, 2024

Archives for July 2017

Celebrities and Their Social Media

I am frequently asked if all celebrities get paid to promote products on their social media?  While many celebs do get paid, especially if they have a huge number of followers, there are just as many who don’t always get paid.  Case in point – Molly Sims generously “obsessed” over Angels on My Pillow wrapaboo […]

Michael Kors buys Jimmy Choo

Oh Oh red carpet favorite Jimmy Choo might get more expensive. Michael Kors bought them for 1.2 billion. http://fortune.com/2017/07/25/michael-kors-is-buying-shoemaker-jimmy-choos-for-1-2-billion/

Do Celebrities Still Influence Consumers

Do celebrities still influence consumers?  The answer is a quantified “yes”.  Yes if the celebrity fits your age group, yes if the price fits your budget and yes if the product adds something unique to your wardrobe.  Accessories are generally the product where a celebrity has the most impact.   The photo of Angelina Jolie […]

Finding the Right Fit

A good fit! RAJ Swim + Time Inc partner up for Sports Illustrated edition swimwear

Cindy Crawford Red Versace Dress

Did you know the red Versace dress Cindy Crawford wore to the 63rd Academy Awards in 1991 had a major influence on fashion, and many copies and fakes of the dress were produced?