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Archives for March 2013

Tiger Woods Red Shirt Generates Sales

What Tiger Woods and other golfers wear at every major championship is carefully planned by their apparel sponsors months in advance.  Hours of TV exposure, photos on magazine covers, websites and newspapers mean sales.  Winning a tournament can raise sales 10 percent,” said Tiss Dahan, the senior director of global apparel at Adidas Golf.

Celebrities Are Influenced Too

Just as we are influenced by what celebrities wear – they can also be influenced!   Jason Moran, a top notch jazz piano player, said in a recent interview “I invested every dime I had into hats.”  Why?  Jason noticed his hero and mentor, Thelonious Monk, wearing a lot of hats!

Testimonial From Susie Peterson – Suzetra

I enjoyed reading your book and just revisited your book for some refreshers, so inspirational and I learn something new every time!  Susie Peterson – Owner at Suzetra

Celebrities Selling Twinkies?

The new owner of Twinkies – the nostalgic sponge cake snack says “We have a million A-list celebrities and athletes that are dying to be associated with the Hostess brands.”   Can’t wait to see who signs up!

Tim Bennett Interview – Brand Product Placement for Movies

Tim Bennett hosts a pod cast with Author, Susan J Ashbrook, for tips on how to get video and film product placements. http://argonette.com/4420/podcasts-and-videos/film-product-placement-video