February 25, 2024

Red Carpet Season – How to Get Your Dresses in the Hand of Celebrity Stylists

2018 Red Carpet season has begun!  How do you get your dresses in the hands of celebrity stylists and their clients? Will Work For Shoes – The Business Behind Red Carpet Product Placement will tell you all the secrets you’ll need to know. 

A Double Vision, Doubles Exposure

LaVerne Cox hit Entertainment Weekly’s pre-Emmy party in Jay Godfrey’s Moore jumpsuit, while Jana Kramer wore the blush version to Good Morning America (pictured in OK Magazine).  Bring brand awareness to the media by showing multiple celebrities discovering your product

The Business Behind Red Carpet Product Placement

Is there an “Award Show Season”?  Absolutely!   Just one look at the schedule and you’ll know it is time to get busy!  Will Work for Shoes is an easy to read guide that will help you get your product in front of a celebrity.  https://editorial.rottentomatoes.com/article/2015-2016-awards-season-schedule/