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Archives for June 2011

Celebrity Marketing Jennifer Aniston in Michael Kors Heels

Last season’s gladiator shoes are so over! Jennifer’s photo hit the tabloids and celebrity websites, and faster than you can say “Brad Pitt”, Jennifer in the Micharl Kors shoes will influence trends and consumer dollars.  Celebrity glossy circulation is valued at $1.3 billion a year, and celebrity media TV has 100+million viewers a week, so Michael Kors hit […]

How To Contact a Celebrity

Believe it or not, this just might work!  Indie Artist Matt Kivel made his own mixtape for actress Amanda Seyfried -whom we assume he has a serious crush –  and  included this note.  I have a whole entire chapter in my book “Will Work For Shoes” about how to contact celebrities.   I surely would have recommended […]

Celebrities Sell Better

Blame Twitter and Facebook for bringing us abreviated communication!  Can society’s trend for anything quicker and faster also influence fashion?   I’m seeing Hollywood wearing short leggy dresses on the Red Carpet .  Phillip Bloch, Stylist to the Stars, says that women’s legs (no matter what age!) are always sassy and sexy!    “The bottom line is celebrities sell much […]

A Star Is Born

A STAR IS BORN Elizabeth Taylor’s contribution to film and AID’S awareness are monumental.   She was a great talent and a genuinely caring individual that used her “celebrity” for good things.  When she passed away, I thought about her influence on fashion too.   What woman wouldn’t want that same curvy figure?  She was bold enough to wear […]