February 25, 2024

Archives for January 2013

First Lady Bolsters Fashion Industry

Got to love our First Lady wearing J Crew gloves and belt….and now sold out!  Style mavens credit the 49-year-old first lady with changing the way American women put together their outfits, and, by patronizing U.S. designers, bolstering a multibillion-dollar industry

When Celebrity Marketing Gone Bad

Lance Armstrong’s admission to using performance enhancing drugs comes late for the Livestrong Foundation.  Nike dropped its sponsorship within a day.  The cancer foundation needs to quickly capture positive partnerships.  Why not look to celebrities and real people who have worked with the foundation and have personal stories to share about Livestrong’s support and help?

Kim Kardashian – Savvy Mom-To-Be Marketing Celeb

Like her or not, Kim Kardashian, was the most-searched-for person of 2012.  She has over 16 million Twitter fans (the President of the US has 20 million) following every move.  You can bet pregnancy and baby merchandise looking for mass consumer dollars will be knocking on Ms. Kardashian’s door.