June 6, 2023

Archives for February 2011

Major Jewelry Hails Big at the Oscars

  Stars have narrowed down their Oscar gown selection, so the final week before the big “show”, is all about picking major bling.  All the Beverly Hill’s jewelers have flown in outstanding pieces….look for a comeback of necklaces and bigger the better diamond rings.

Lady Gaga sets new Red Carpet Trend – Eyeliner

Lady Gaga’s interview on “60 Minutes” was a true behind the scenes look at the 24 year old phenom.  She wore very little clothing but her the 50’s inspired eyeliner will be setting a big trend on the red carpet.  Sharpen your pencils ladies!

Red Carpet Tip – Keep it Simple but add a little ‘Tweak’

Cerruti Arte designed this simple shealth gown for Anne Heche when she attended the Oscars with then-girlfriend Ellen.  The gown is so simple, but the ‘tweak’ is the NASA inspired glass dust fabric that gave the gown just the right red carpet pop!

Amy Adams Discovers Paris Designer Herve Leroux

Academy Award nominee, Amy Adams, selected a gown in shades of pale white with a touch of mint from Paris couture designer, Herve L Leroux.  The gown is draped in chiffon jersey which Leroux describes as reminding him of “Niagara Falls”. Mr. Leroux is known for his ability to enhance and mold the body with […]