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Check list for Hollywood Fashion Stylists

Having worked with fashion stylists in Hollywood, I know how tough their job can be.  They usually have 24-48 hours to pull clothing samples together and bring to a fitting with a celebrity.  They may have their own “vision” on what the celeb should wear but the end result is to make sure the client […]

Hollywood Fashion Style is Personal

This was a fun project for #Cerruti, the famed fashion house. Anne Heche selected their silver slinky number made of a synthetic used by NASA for the Oscars.   No beads, sequins and fluff for Anne.  It was all about being comfortable.

Celebrities and Their Social Media

A client doesn’t care if they get print press – only if a celeb posts on their social media. Here is why! What Happens When You Reach a Million Instagram Followers The coveted ‘M’ can bring influencer status and lucrative marketing deals A photo of celebrity Chrissy Teigen posted to Patrick Ta’s Instagram account. PHOTO: PATRICKTA By […]

Look to Partnerships for Added Exposure

Vera Wang branched out to partner with US National Skating Champion Nathan Chen. He dazzled with his remarkable athleticism and quadruple jumps, not to mention his new Vera Wang costumes.

Secrets to Connect With a Celebrity

My book is full of secrets to help connect with a celebrity.  For fashion products, loaning for photo shoots is a winning idea!  Beautiful Zoe McLellen borrowed a Brian Rennie Basler gown for a photo shoot and it was love at first sight – every time she hit the red carpet (and photos shown around […]