April 1, 2023

Archives for August 2020

Michelle Obama Vote Necklace

No matter who you are voting for, Michelle Obama’s VOTE necklace is a reminder to register along with the power of celeb VIP’s influence. You can get yours from LA Jewelry brand ByChari.com https://bychari.com/products/the-original-spaced-letter-necklace-vote The designer says the day after Ms. Obama wore the necklace (through her stylist’s recommendation), the jewelry designer’s website exploded. The […]

Taylor Swift Making Cardigans Trendy Again

Love cardigans? So does Taylor Swift and some really fun celebs who were gifted with cardigans by the singer. Check out this list! https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/music/story/2020-07-27/taylor-swift-kobe-bryant-daughter-folklore-cardigan