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Archives for April 2014

Working With Hollywood Stylists

I’m frequently asked about working with Hollywood stylists – how do they pick designer clothing for their celebrity clients?  The best stylists are the ones who explore and research a lot of fashion.  They try to see and read as much as they can, both in person and online.  They visit stores, designers studios and […]

Simon Doonan Explains “Taste”

The Wall Street Journal asked Simon Doonan (Doonan is the creative ambassador for Barneys) to weigh in on the topic of “Taste”.   Here is what he had to say, “Good taste is an oppressive concept designed to make people feel ashamed – like they’re not quite passing muster.  I hold to the Quentin Crisp belief […]

Is It The Hat?

Is it the hat? #PharrellWilliams is collaborating with #Adidas, #CommedesGarcon on a fragrance, a sunglass line, shirts and owns his own #BionicYarn textile company.  The textile turns plastic debris from the oceans into yarn and fabric.  Am I missing anything?