April 1, 2023

Celebrity-Endorsed Gifting – Holiday Gift Suggestions From The Stars

Variety Magazine put together some great celeb inspired gifts for 2020. In a “Covid” Christmas, the best suggestions are the “you buy, we give back”. Check out Hugh Jackman’s Laughing Man Coffee or Jennifer Garner’s Once Upon A Farm. Looking for more pricey suggestions? Variety’s check list will hit the mark for some fun, fashion […]

Hallmark Movies & Winter Coats

OK I’ll admit it, I love to watch Hallmark Christmas movies! I get cozy with my Christmas tree, roaring fire and a glass of wine. I am inspired by all the fashionable winter coats on display! Calvin Klein, Burberry and more! It’s all about the collar!

Spot the Trend

If you are a fashion designer looking to connect with a celebrity, make sure to study current trends. At the recent American Music Awards, the red carpet was an opportunity to see “leg” . Next step, gather images of your dresses showing “leg” and get to celebrity stylists. Wondering how to do it? Order the […]

Missing Red Carpet Fashion?

According to fashion influencers Tom + Lorenzo www.tomandlorenzo.com “If we’re still doing remote red carpets a year from now, then I think there will be a whole industry of home decor stylists taking over the backdrops of these people’s lives.”

Michelle Obama Vote Necklace

No matter who you are voting for, Michelle Obama’s VOTE necklace is a reminder to register along with the power of celeb VIP’s influence. You can get yours from LA Jewelry brand ByChari.com https://bychari.com/products/the-original-spaced-letter-necklace-vote The designer says the day after Ms. Obama wore the necklace (through her stylist’s recommendation), the jewelry designer’s website exploded. The […]