January 22, 2022

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How Do Stars Get Their Red Carpet Look

Susan J Ashbrook, Author of “Will Work For Shoes – The Business Behind Red Carpet Product Placement”, is interviewed by Naima Turner.  Ms Turner contributes for SheKnows.com, StylePoohBahs.com and  UpTownMagazine.com http://stylepoohbahs.com/we-want-the-look-but-how-do-stars-get-the-look-our-exclusive-glimpse-with-expert-susan-j-ashbrook/

Wheaties Needs a new Cover

So Sage Kotsenburg wins a gold metal and makes the cover of Wheaties – big deal right?  The idea is fun but not winning for Wheaties – a 1935 box featuring Lou Gehrig only sells for $369.95.  Time to freshen up that campaign – who should be featured on the box next time?

Proof Celebrities Influence Consumers

Are people influenced by celebrity fashion? Ask best selling novelist Jennifer Weiner profiled in The New Yorker. Jennifer bought this coat after seeing it on KK – she calls it the “Koat”.

What is an A list celebrity?

“The young have to know that one day they may be less young, and …people may lose interest.” – Karl Lagerfeld