June 5, 2023

Celebrities and Weight Loss

oprah-winfreyMost of my women friends tell me they could stand to loose a few pounds.  Who and what diet influences them?   Oprah Winfrey’s 30 pound weight loss http://www.eonline.com/news/773364/oprah-winfrey-showcases-her-30-pound-weight-loss-on-the-red-carpet is one of the more successful celebrity influenced diets.   Celebrities as spokes person tends to work, especially if the person is someone women can relate.  For example, Oprah may have millions, but no matter how much money she has, she struggles with weight like you and me.   Matching your product to a celebrity takes careful consideration.  If you are thinking about jumping into celebrity product placement, make a list of celebrities you think are the perfect match.   Everyone wants “A list” celebrities but cast the net wide and add reality stars, sport figures, models and local VIP’s.