December 6, 2021

Watch It – Celebrity Influence on Watches

Sting wearing a G-Shock watch

Having a celebrity wear a watch in public or in a blockbuster movie is a coveted event.   As the WSJ reported in a recent story about the G-Shock watch, Sting wore one at the height of his fame and the watch appeared on Keanu Reeves in “Speed”, not a bad way to show off a watch.  Men don’t wear jewelry, so a watch on a visible celeb can really stand out.  

As fashion influencers, followers of trends note watches celebrities wear. James Bond and George Clooney wear an Omega, Chris Hemsworth a TAG Heuer, Kate Winslet a Longines, and you’ll see Charlize Theron in a Rolex.    

It was inspiring to see Sting wear a plastic watch over a luxury brand. The article goes on to say “If you surf, skate, climb or dive, the G-Shock will withstand the rigors of your lifestyle much better than almost any connected watch,” says John Cote (National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors.  

Watch for various versions of the G Shock on active celebrities on the red carpet or movie theater soon.

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