January 22, 2022

Working With Hollywood Stylists

Meg Gallagher and Margaret Goldenberg at ReformationI’m frequently asked about working with Hollywood stylists – how do they pick designer clothing for their celebrity clients?  The best stylists are the ones who explore and research a lot of fashion.  They try to see and read as much as they can, both in person and online.  They visit stores, designers studios and even fashion museums to get a historical aspect.    They are confident, even when introducing an unknown designer to a big star.   Too many of today’s stylists rely on “designer names” instead of exploring and finding new talent.  We watch the Oscars hoping to see a fresh name and dress that will turn heads- remember the beautiful Halle Berry in Elie Saab?  No one knew who Elie Saab was until the great stylist Philip Bloch put Halle in his gown.   Let’s hope a new generation of stylists turn over some fashionable leaves to find great talent in design.

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