August 19, 2022

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Hemsworth Bros Need 4Ocean Bracelets

A great idea to help our oceans! Now they need the Hemsworth Bros wearing them! www.4Oceanshttp:// www.4Oceans bracelet for $20. Represents 1 pound of trash, beads are recycled glass,cord is recycled water bottles.

Watch It – Celebrity Influence on Watches

Having a celebrity wear a watch in public or in a blockbuster movie is a coveted event.   As the WSJ reported in a recent story about the G-Shock watch, Sting wore one at the height of his fame and the watch appeared on Keanu Reeves in “Speed”, not a bad way to show off a […]

Red Carpet Season – How to Get Your Dresses in the Hand of Celebrity Stylists

2018 Red Carpet season has begun!  How do you get your dresses in the hands of celebrity stylists and their clients? Will Work For Shoes – The Business Behind Red Carpet Product Placement will tell you all the secrets you’ll need to know. 

Celebrity Stylists Beware

While Costume Designers for TV and Film have a Guild to set guidelines and establish rules, wardrobe stylists do not.   I’ve had the honor and horror of working with hundreds of stylists.   Most are really good at their jobs.  FIDM in Los Angeles now has a program to teach the “how” and “why” of borrowing […]

Why Celebrity Product Placement

Have you ever purchased something based on what you saw a VIP wear?  The hat industry was saved by celebrities wearing hats!   People believe that purchasing a product that’s worn by a celebrity they like, will allow them to emulate the celebrity.  They associate with a celebrities’ “cool” factor, success, beauty and athletic skill.