February 25, 2024

Connect With Fashionable Celebrities Who Give Back

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen know how to make happy feet! The twins treated children in Honduras with one-on-one shoe fittings on behalf on TOMS.   The young actresses partnered with the charitable brand to create a limited-edition line of shoes through their label The Row.   Want a pair?  The shoes are available in gray, black and […]

Time For a Change – Picking the Right Celebrity For Your Product

 Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer has announced an end to their 10 year relationship with Tiger Woods.    TAG Heuer stopped promoting the golfer in 2009 after revelations about his marital troubles.  Tiger designed a watch for the company, which they will continue to support through sales and the golfer’s charity foundation.  10 years is a long run, but it’s […]

LA Times “All The Rage” review

The LA Times “All The Rage” musings on current culture reviews “Will Work For Shoes” http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/alltherage/2011/08/author-shares-secrets-of-celebrity-marketing.html

Teen Marketing Muscle

Enjoyed reading Keith Richard’s book “Life”.  Keith talks about the power of teenage females and the advertising business that created the term “teenager” – a market for clothing, cosmetics, music and literature.  “I was never more in fear for my life than I was from teenage girls“.  Keith might be fearful but if you’re interested in […]

Lancome’s Celebrity Marketing Grand Slam

Hogwart’s beauty, Emma Watson, recently joined Lancome’s Grand Slam of celebrities to become an ambassador for the brand’s Tresor Midnight Rose.  Emma shows she has a real fashion “scent” along with Julia Roberts, Penelope Cruz, Kate Winslet and Anne Hathaway.  With the film’s opening gross reaching $169,189,427, we think Emma has quite a few fans […]